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supporting local miracles
for a global change

Through awareness, education and grant funding for the issues affecting our planet and its inhabitants, Cana Project seeks to support local miracles for a global change.  It is our belief that through the momentum of our giving wheel, we can restore a sense of stability, harmony and sustainability for our land and its inhabitants.

Our efforts focus on land conservation, animal protection and restoring the lost spirit of the Native Americans, which will, in turn, remind us of the sacred bond between man, mother nature, and all the creatures of the world. 

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Decimation of Wild HorseS

Ecological studies have proven that the wild horse population has deep evolutionary roots and are crucial to maintaining the balance of life in the North American ecosystem.

Although wild horse herds have proven the ability to be self- sustaining, growing threats from development, big industry, livestock grazing and government gathers are jeopardizing the genetic viability of individual wild horse herds. This further exposes how the current laws and management methods designed to protect Americas wild horse population are inhumane, ineffective and overall un-sustainable for any entity involved. 


Native american Nations

There is a direct correlation between the abuse of our native land, people and animals. Western expansion has taken the lands and resources Americas indigenous people and animals rely on to survive. 

As a result, much of Native American cultural heritage has been lost, forgotten and even destroyed forever. Many natives have completely abandoned their historical roots and have assimilated completely into American society, often times unsuccessfully.



Rewilding means restoring ancestral ways of living that create greater health and well-being for humans and the ecosystems that we belong to.  It means returning to our senses, returning to ourselves, and coming home to the world we belong to.

America’s wild horses are among the nations most viable resources that are being depleted as quickly as Americas land.  Our western rangelands must be protected.  By ensuring that our wild horses remain wild and free we are conserving diminishing western territories, natural resources and contributing to the protection of our natural ecosystem for future generations.

Wild horses have deep cultural and emotional bonds connected to generations of ancestry native to indigenous lands and hold a powerful connection to earth for most tribes.  

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